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Retro Fandango is a bi monthly, community driven podcast hosted by the opinionated Kevin (Buried on Mars) and the dashing Richard (Ram Vox).

Retro Fandango Episode 64 - The One With Commercials (Sept 27, 2017)

September 27th, 2017

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Check out this clip from Spaceballs:

Here’s a commercial that features a bear with toilet paper stuck to his ass:

Here’s another commercial where a guy immediately calls his parents after buying life insurance:


** And jokes aside, Richard is fine.  We are working on having a Filmdango and Mixtape for you next month but scheduling will most likely not allow us to record a regular show.  We will try but… no promises!


Retro Filmdango Eps. 2 - Moon & Dark City (Sept. 15, 2017)

September 15th, 2017

Do you like movies?  Do you like listening to two guys you never heard of talk about movies?  Then step right up.  On this podcast hosts Kevin (@BuriedonMars) and Richard (@TheRamVox) recommend films to each other to watch for the very first time.  This episode we discuss three science fiction films:  Moon (2009), Dark City (1998), and our mutual pick selected just for you, the listener.  It's meaty!


Retro Fandango Eps. 63 - Tasty Mars Meat (Sept. 7, 2017)

September 6th, 2017

September already?  Where does the time go?  I'll tell you where, into a two and a half hour conversation with Frantic, aka. Frantic Society, aka. Frantic 'Fro...or Josh.  As a first time guest on the Fandango, Josh is put through the wringer over his two YouTube channels, his solo podcast and his completely orignial, not at all common or cliche, favorite game of all time.  The conversatoin then jumps all over the place as we hear Kevin's recap of the most recent Barrie Game Exchange, Vox shares some recipes on the Fandango baking corner, Josh 'Defends' Marvel's "required viewing" system and there's still room for Alice Cooper, Rick & Morty, point and click adventures, ANOTHER rant spills over from a prevoius episode, AGAIN, and, yes, the title will make sense.  This episode is so good you'll poop your pants!


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